Friday, January 18, 2013

Shot/Reverse Shot: Episode 20 - 2013

Having opened our presents, eaten to we felt sick and seen in the New Year in style (or, in my case, wrapped up in a blanket, shivering from a nasty cold), Shot/Reverse Shot returns to business as usual: rambling discussion and vaguely film related nonsense.

In this episode, we take a long, hard (primarily long) look at the year ahead in film, from the epic grandeur of Guillermo Del Toro's filthy-sounding robot 'em up Pacific Rim to the latest mind-melting oddity from Shane Carruth, very much the low-budget thinking man's Terrence Malick. Along the way, I voice tentative hopes for Michael Bay's Pain & Gain, much to Joe's disdain, a bizarre new feature and our customary Top Ten, which culminates in a surprising choice for our most anticipated film of the year. By Odin's Raven, it looks to be a good one.

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