Thursday, February 03, 2011

Things I Learned From Movie X: Wild Wild West

As I mentioned before, my friend Arron basically taunted me until I agreed to review Wild Wild West, the poorly received remake of the '60s television series. As always, I try to get as much value out of the experience of seeing a terrible film as possible, so decided to use the film as the subject for my new Things I Learned From Movie X column at

I hadn't seen Wild Wild West since I watched it in the cinema when it was first released, back when I was so obsessed with Will Smith that I would try to see every film he starred in the very day it opened. I remember thinking it was pretty bad at the time and it has not aged well. The plot's stupid, the acting is variable - though Kevin Kline is fun in a deadpan, Bill Murray sort of way - and the whole thing is pretty irredeemable. Still, I got two articles out it.