Monday, September 14, 2015

Shot/Reverse Shot: Episode 110 - Peak TV

In a surprisingly well-timed coincidence, given that a number of articles on exactly the same subject have begun circulating on Twitter today, this week's episode finds Matt and myself talking about "Peak TV", the idea that we are living in an age where there is simply too much good TV for people to keep up with, and one which may very well be unsustainable. We don't address the potential bursting of the TV bubble (something which Todd VanDerWerff does in detail over at Vox), instead focusing on the ways in which the sheer number of TV shows have allowed for a lot of esoteric and personal visions to make it on to the screen.

In particular, we muse on the connection between the fertility of the current American alternative comedy scene and how this seems to have fed an unprecedented surge of great, idiosyncratic comedy shows over the last couple of years. There's also some waffle about Goldeneye's "abhorrent" score, the possibility of a Xavier Dolan/Universal Monster Movie mashup, and consider Mike Judge's ability to write "alpha losers" in his films and shows.