Thursday, May 01, 2014

Shot/Reverse Shot: Episode 53 - The Alternate 100 Part 1

After months and months of delays caused by technical problems, contentious arguments and good old fashioned procrastination, Shot/Reverse Shot finally start in earnest our ten-part series: The Alternate 100. Over the next year, we'll put together and discuss a list of 100 great films that we feel have been under appreciated and underrepresented by the likes of the IMDb Top 250 and the BFI Sight and Sound Top 100. As such, the only criteria for inclusion are that a film cannot appear on either of those lists, and that both Joe Gastineau and myself actually like it. In addition to these episodes, the list will be constructed ten at a time over at Letterboxd, so feel free to pop over there and leave us a comment.

In this first installment we discuss whether or not Kafka is meant to be funny, get in one of our customary and gratuitous digs at the expense of Zach Braff, and keep our weird conversational perambulations down to one discussion about monkey butlers.

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