Monday, August 13, 2012

Shot/Reverse Shot: Episode 12 - The Twiathlon

Following on from an off-hand comment on Twitter, in which Joe Gastineau pointed out that he had come into possession of the Twilight films on Blu-Ray and I said that we should have a marathon, the crushing pressure of historical inevitability meant that this terrifying experiment must take place. And so it came to pass that Joe and I decamped to a bunker somewhere in Sheffield with a couple of microphones and plenty of alcohol in order to watch the films - an endeavour dubbed the Twiathlon - and to try to figure out just what the appeal of the series is. In between each viewing we recorded our thoughts on the films and how they compare to each other, hoping vainly to reach some sort of conclusion by the end of Breaking Dawn Part 1.

Along the way, we fall in love with the idea of Vampire Baseball and the film-within-a-film Facepunch, ponder the paradox of the way in which the films get worse as the directors involved get increasingly better, and we chronicle the descent of Bella's father into an all-consuming alcholism, an aspect of the story that the films seem loathe to comment on. You can look forward to hearing the way in which the mood subtly slides from high spirits to drunken bitterness over the course of the 8 hours it took for us to complete the marathon and log our thoughts on it.

This episode is going up on August 13, which is the in-film date of Bella and Edward's wedding, so consider it an anniversary present for  Mr. and Mrs. Cullen. Team SRS Woo!

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