Thursday, January 26, 2012

Things I Learned From Movie X: Green Lantern

Mark Strong, failing to look anywhere near as ashamed as he should for appearing in this film.
For the lastest Things I Learned From Movie X, I turned my attention to one of the few genuine flops from last year, Green Lantern, in which Ryan Reynolds does his level best to use his abs to distract from the turgid mess surrounding him. In all fairness, it's a valiant effort on his part, but that doesn't stop the film from being a plodding overload of CGI that fails to make the character of Hal Jordan interesting and doesn't take advantage of his ability to create anything he can imagine.

In its defense, I did watch Green Lantern in a double-bill with Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and I have to admit that it is marginally better than Michael Bay's opus. Then again, so is having glass shoved under your eyelids, so take that hesitant endorsement with a pinch of salt.