Monday, November 09, 2015

Shot/Reverse Shot: 117 - Spies

For this episode, Matt and I thought it would be fun to watch the new James Bond movie, Spectre, and use it as a jumping off point to discuss Bond and cinematic spies more generally. In the end, neither of us managed to see the film due to other things getting in the way (like our lack of enthusiasm for it), but we were still able to have a fairly involved conversation about the history of the spy genre, the ways in which it served to reflect and distract from audiences' concerns about World War I/World War II/The Cold War/insert conflict here, as well as why it's in such rude health considering that 2015 has seen the release of half a dozen spy films from major Hollywood studios.

We also find time to talk about our cautiously optimistic response to the Preacher trailer, our somewhat less optimistic feelings about Warcraft, and the odd circumstances of Star Trek's latest televised incarnation.