Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Shot/Reverse Shot: Episode 80 - Richard Linklater

In a bid to expand the scope of the show, Matt and I have instituted a new monthly feature in which we pick an artist whose work we admire or think is significant, select five of their films to discuss in depth, then use them as a jumping off point to the discuss the artists' themes and style.

For our first such episode, we're taking on the filmography of independent film stalwart, Austinite and multiple Oscar nominee Richard Linklater. The films we discuss in this episode were chosen using the following criteria, which will form the basis for future installments in this strand:

  • Breakthrough: Either the first film that the artist made, or the one which first announced their arrival as a figure of note.
  • Most Successful: The film which earned the most money, and theoretically made the biggest impact on the culture at large.
  • Oddity: A film in their oeuvre which stands out as being in some way distinct from their other work.
  • Dud: A.K.A. their worst film.
  • Crowning Achievement: A.K.A. their best film.

Next month's artist is going to be Clint Eastwood, and after that I promise we'll start choosing artists who aren't white men.