Saturday, March 15, 2014

Shot/Reverse Shot: Episode 51 - True Detective

Artist's Impression of Joe Gastineau (left) and me.
Following on from our 2014 Preview, in which we singled it out as a show we were very much intrigued by, this week finds Joe and myself poring over the first season of HBO's True Detective, the finale of which aired last Sunday. In addition to wondering just how Dion Dublin fits into the broader mythology of the show, we discuss the aesthetic choices of director Cary Fukanaga, the influence that Weird Fiction had on the tone of the show, and address some of the criticisms of the show, in particular accusations that it is sexist and misogynist, rather than an exploration of sexism and misogyny. (Claims that I think have some considerable merit.) We go into a bit of detail about the resolution of the show, so please do not listen if you haven't seen the whole season.

We also find time to talk about where we think the show will go in the future given that creator Nic Pizzolatto has said that each year will focus on different characters. If HBO want to draw from their stable of past performers, and if the rumours that the next season will focus on female detectives turn out to be true, then I'd like to start the campaign for Melissa Leo and Amy Ryan to headline season two. I mean, I'm not going to start a petition or anything, but I'd just like to throw the suggestion out there and hope that finds purchase.

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