Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Shot/Reverse Shot: Episode 45 - Old Age

Continuing and concluding a series of episodes revolving around the Ages of Man, this episode finds Joe Gastineau and myself talking about how cinema depicts Old Age. (If you want to hear the previous installments on Childhood, Adolescence and Middle Age, then follow those links.) During the course of the episode we talk about the gender imbalance in Hollywood movies and how much of that is shaped by actors' egos, a surprising suggestion for which Hollywood film is the best representation of aging, and we end the episode with a truly magnificent pun.

I'm very proud of this episode and have really enjoyed doing a series, so we'll hopefully do more of these in the future. Maybe we'll prove ourselves to be better than Sufjan Stevens at something and actually record stuff about all 50 states. Actually, that's insane.

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