Monday, July 08, 2013

Shot/Reverse Shot: Episode 37 - The Night of the Hunter

On Shot/Reverse Shot, we're always looking for ways to experiment with our format; we try new concepts for episodes, new subject areas, and in general try to think of everything we can to keep things interesting for the audience and, just as importantly, for ourselves. Our theory is that if we're having fun, then other people will as well. (Theory has not been peer-reviewed.)

In that spirit, we're doing something a little different this week by using a single film as our jumping off point for thematic discussion, rather than using a theme to allow us to talk about other films. Our inaugural film in that strand is Charles Laughton's The Night of the Hunter, a film that I love but which Joe had not seen prior to this week. After discussing the film in some detail (so SPOILERS ahoy), we use the themes and ideas contain therein to talk about the films that influenced it, the films its influenced, others films that explore similar themes, and round out the whole thing with some Further Viewing.

We're hoping to do more of these in addition to the more conceptually-driven episodes, so please let us know if you like this approach.

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