Saturday, June 30, 2012

Half-Time Top 10

Madonna expresses her indifference to the year in cinema so far, like the monster she is.

Since today marks roughly the half-way point of 2012, I thought it'd be worthwhile posting a preliminary Top 10 of the year, partly to act as a handy checklist for myself when I am putting the Top 10 together in December, but also as a way of gauging how the year in film so far has played out. So, here is the Top 10 as of today:

1. Moonrise Kingdom
2. The Raid (Redemption)
3. The Avengers
4. The Cabin In The Woods
5. The Kid With A Bike
6. Young Adult 
7. The Muppets
8. 21 Jump Street
9. Once Upon A Time In Anatolia
10. Brave

The following films just missed out: Carancho, The Descendants, HaywireJeff, Who Lives at Home, Martha Marcy May Marlene, Michael, and The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists!

And, for fun, here are my five least favourite films of the year thus far:

Oh, MIA, you're saying
what we're all thinking!
5. John Carter
4. Mirror Mirror
3. Prometheus
2. Shame
1. The Woman In The Fifth