Wednesday, November 23, 2011

First Cut - Shotgun Stories

I've recently started contributing to Front Row Reviews - because I just don't write enough and really want to use up those extra hours I have between work and sleep that are going to waste at the minute - and whilst I will be writing reviews for them, I'm mainly going to be contributing a new series that I've been planning for a while but never really found an outlet for.

So, this is the inaugural column in a series I have named First Cut. Every week I will examine the debut of a director and try to show how it shaped the rest of their career, or at the very least try to draw parallels between their earliest and latest work. The current plan is for these to be weekly thing, though since each instalment is intended to relate to a film that is about to be released I might take the odd week off, or spend the weeks when there are no suitable films writing about great film-makers who are no longer with us, so in that spirit you can read about the ways in which Jeff Nichols' Shotgun Stories relates to his latest, Take Shelter.