Friday, June 17, 2011

Things I Learned From Movie X: New York, I Love You

In the latest instalment of Things I Learned From Movie X, I turn my piercing gaze at New York, I Love You, the misbegotten follow-up to Paris, je t'aime, a film which I thought was a bit hit and miss - which is to be expected of an anthology film - but generally pretty good. New York, I Love You is pretty much all miss, with each of the shorts feeling really anonymous, both in terms of the styles of their respective directors and in terms of depicting the city of New York as its own vibrant entity. You might as well call it Scunthorpe, I Love You for the amount of distinctly New York flavour on display in the film.

I was tempted to get a bit adventurous with this one and change up the usual formula by writing short, pithy lessons for each short, but most of them were just a bit boring, so it was hard to get too worked up about them. Only the Shia LeBeouf one, which I had a lot of fun laying into, was so egregiously bad that it deserved that much scorn, whilst the rest were merely dull. Maybe if Rio, I Love You winds up being a disaster I can try that trick out then.