Monday, March 02, 2009


An experiment

Cheating is the name of the game
Regards a marriage on the wane
Stars Joan Allen and Sam Neill
Sally Potter rejects the real
Shades of Jarman, and shades of Lynch
Dissociation's easy since
Sally makes the thing all the worse
By having them all speak in verse
And, if you will give me some time,
I will review the film in rhyme
Sorry if the rhymes are tortured
I'm not writing The Cherry Orchard.

When her marriage no longer suits
She meets a man from Beirut
Simon Abkarian's in the role
You'll see something remarkable
A waiter, full of charm and flair
And spectacular facial hair,
The two engage in an affair
While discussing death and despair
Soon, things will spiral and hurtle
And all the while Moaning Myrtle
Talks to us, philosophises
On dirt, grime and human vices

The rhyming device is not for
All you may find you hit a wall
It is quite portentous and willfully artistic
And its religious elements can be simplistic
And it is not without its flaws,
Most notably the leaden score
But when Sam Neill plays air guitar
Then the movie goes much too far
It's definitely not for everyone
And it's not exactly a heap of fun
But if you're quick and persevere
Then you may find true beauty here