Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Shot/Reverse Shot: Episode 52 - The Alternate 100 Preview

Finally making good on a promise we made way back at the start of the year, this episode finds Joe and I laying out our plans for an ambitious attempt to create our own Top 100 list of great films that aren't really talked about enough. This will be a 10-part series which will start next week and run throughout the year, but we wanted to put out an episode detailing our aims for the series first, as well as to lay out the rules for which films were eligible so that we don't have to do so at the start of every subsequent episode.

I also use the episode to introduce the Shot/Reverse Shot drinking game, which I created in order to make these slightly longer than usual episodes more conventionally fun, and there's a bit of nonsense about Game of Thrones for good measure (which is itself something of a teaser, since we'll be digging into that show once the fourth season has finished). Check back next week for the first installment in our idiosyncratic, Walter Hill-heavy canon.

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