Monday, July 01, 2013

Shot/Reverse Shot: Episode 36 - Adolescence

Way back in the mists of mid-April, Joe Gastineau and I began an ambitious project that would see us try to cover the different Ages of Man as seen through cinema. We began with Childhood then, driven mad by our overwhelming hubris, set about recording an episode on the next stage of life, Adolescence. Alas, like Icarus we flew to close to sun and/or were undone by faulty technology, and that recording was rendered unlistenable for technical reasons (as opposed to the usual reasons why the show is unlistenable).

Now, like a billionaire deciding that building a second Titanic is in no way a terrible idea, we have returned to the ongoing series with this sleeker, more energetic and, most importantly, mostly understandable take on the teen years. We tackle the origin of the teenager, rebellion, sex and loss of innocence before wrapping up with a new section we call Further Viewing, in which we recommend other films you might like to check out if you want to watch films about teenagers.

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