Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Shot/Reverse Shot: Episode 34 - Doc/Fest 20

As the large number of Doc/Fest-related posts on this site might have suggested, I have been in attendance at the internationally renowned film festival, which is dedicated to truth, justice and the American way. Wait, that might be Superman. Yeah, I've looked it up and that one is Superman. Doc/Fest is the one dedicated to truth, new media, and having a good old knees-up in Sheffield. It was a pretty fantastic week, especially since it allowed me to not only engage in some serious film-watching, but also to attend some of the great events and masterclasses that were put on over the course of the five days, and hang out with some dear, dear friends who I have missed since moving to the States.

One such friend was Joe Gastineau, and we took advantage of being in the same country for once to record a special episode of Shot/Reverse Shot around Doc/Fest 20. We recorded our thoughts on the films and events throughout the week, then tried to put them into something resembling a broader context, This American Life-style. As such, we had to lose a lot of material - including my attempts to begin every section with a pun on Doc (e.g. "We're in the heart of docness") and the one moment when we were accosted by a very large, very drunk man who insisted that he knew Martin Parsons of Fohnhouse, who we were interviewing at the time. However, the remaining material is pretty good, too. If I sound a bit sleepy, it's because I had been up until 4 A.M. and had only had five hours of sleep prior to recording the wrap-around segments of the episode.

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