Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Shot/Reverse Shot: Episode 26 - Childhood

In the first part of a new, perhaps overly-ambitious, project, Joe Gastineau and myself have decided to devote the next four episodes of Shot/Reverse Shot - barring any unforeseen delays or events - to the different Ages of Man, and how each of them is depicted in film and television. It's basically our version of Sufjan Steven's 50 States project, except shorter and slightly more likely to be completed. Only slightly, though.

Unsurprisingly, we start with one that walks on four legs in the morning: Childhood. In addition to discussing what we think makes for a great film about being a child, we get personal and talk about the films that meant a lot to us when we were young, including a long discussion of my Roald Dahl-induced fear of being orphaned, I skirt around the fact that I think The Goonies is awful, and I ever so slightly mix up two almost identically titled films by the Dardennes Brothers. In short, we pretty much run the gamut in this one.

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