Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Shot Reverse Shot: Episode 22 - Ask Us Anything

Shot/Reverse Shot has been on the air (or whatever the podcasting equivalent is) for a full year, and during that time we've constructed episodes around themes concocted from our own fidgety imaginations and/or whatever is happening in the the news. For this special episode, we opened the floodgates and let listeners submit questions via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail, which we in turn tried to answer in true rambling SRS style. The Ask Shot/Reverse Shot Anything episode - or ASRSA as all the cool kids are calling it - is upon us.

This episode was terrific fun to record and both Joe and I really appreciated the time and effort people took to ask questions, even though we were not able to answer all of them in the time we had to record the episode. If we didn't get to yours, I apologise, but we'll almost certainly do another one of these in the future.

Thanks again to the following, all of whom submitted questions to me, and all of whom are, therefore, great:

Jonathan Banks
David Broadhurst
Lewis Davies
Simon Jenkins
Dr. Michaela Livingstone
Dr. W. Jack Rhoden
Rory Steele

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