Friday, December 28, 2012

Shot/Reverse Shot: Episode 19C - 2012 Part 3

Having delved into the depths and discussed the disappointments of the year, this week Joe Gastineau and myself rise to the tippity top of everything that cinema had to offer this year. Using a meticulously worked out, needlessly complicated system to create a consensus Top 10 between the two of us, we managed to figure out what the ten best films of the year were. And, since we used MATHS, this is empirical, objective and right!

If you want a fun game to play whilst listening: this episode was recorded over two days since the first half was interrupted by some technical fuckuppery, and the second took place at 5 AM because it was the only time when both Joe and myself would be able to record. Try and spot the point at which that happens.

Note: We were restricted to only including films which saw a theatrical release in the UK, so as a result the Top 10 I submitted for the purposes of this episode will differ pretty greatly from my final one (which has recently been irrevocably shaken by a viewing of Quentin Tarantino's latest yarn) and will be posted on January 1st.

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