Saturday, December 24, 2011

Shot/Reverse Shot, Episode 1: 2011

In November, I recorded the pilot of a new podcast with Adam Batty (of Hope Lies) and Joe Gastineau (of The Wooden Kimono). It was pretty sketchy on the technical front, owing to the less than stellar circumstances under which we recorded it, but the central idea of taking a theme and hashing it out through a roundtable discussion was sound, and we just needed to work out the kinks.

With that as our goal, we set out the following week, to record a second episode. This time, we used a proper mixing desk, quality microphones and we were able to record on the stage of a local theatre, which really added to the ambience of the thing. However, owing to a slight hitch with the recording equipment, that podcast didn't actually record, and so vanished into the ether from whence it came. We chalked that one up as a learning experience and, on the 19th of December, sat down to record the real first episode (actually third) of the podcast, which had its name changed to Shot/Reverse Shot since our original name, The Martini Shot, had already been taken.

It wound up being longer than we anticipated since we decided that the theme would be "2011" and we had to spend time going over our highlights of the year, notable industry stories and our own Top Tens. As such, it was split in half, with the first part containing a general discussion of the year in cinema and the second devoted solely to our lists.

You can stream the both parts of the episode using the players below, or you can download it from iTunes by searching for Shot Reverse Shot or SRS podcast.

As ever, any feedback is welcome and encouraged, so please feel free to leave a comment here or e-mail me using the contact information.

Part One:

Part Two: