Friday, November 11, 2011

Things I Learned From Movie X: Just Go With It

I hope they're all looking at a truck that is moments away from killing them all.
For this edition of Things I Learned From Movie X I delved into the deep end of a very shitty pool by watching Adam Sandler's most recent film, Just Go With It, which is one of the laziest and most insultingly stupid comedies he has made in a career full of lazy and insultingly stupid comedies. I hated this film so very, very much because there is almost nothing worse than a comedy film that isn't remotely funny. It's not like you can praise the cinematography or the music (certainly not in this case since the music consists almost solely of horrible, horrible mash-ups) because all a comedy film should aim to be, at its most basic possible level, is funny, and Just Go With It is resolutely not funny at all.

As is often the case, rage was transformed into humour through the alchemy of writing, and I think the resulting column is pretty good. I'm particularly pleased with the final line since I put a lot of stock in coming up with good final lines for everything I write. It doesn't have to be the best part of a review or article, but if the final line can round a piece off nicely then the whole thing feels more complete to me, and this is one of the better ones I've come up with.