Friday, August 05, 2011

Book Review: Andrei Tarkovsky by Sean Martin

I've recently been providing reviews for Flux Magazine, a really good culture magazine/website operating out of Manchester, after one of the editors approached me about using some of the reviews I've posted here. Obviously, I was pretty flattered by this, and really pleased when they gave me the opportunity to write an original piece for them by reviewing a book about one of my favourite film-makers, Andrei Tarkovsky. Which I did, and which you can read by following the link.

(Aside: The best thing about this arrangement with Flux is that it allowed me to do something super cool and exciting for them, and also for this blog, which I will post about at a later date. Consider this a teaser, albeit one that will not be much of a tease for anyone I have spoken to in the last two weeks, or to anyone familiar with my Twitter account, but still.)