Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Book Review: Keeping The British End Up

It's been a busy month for me where writing for hopelies.com is concerned. On top of the two Hope Lies on Television columns this month, I've written this book review of Keeping The British End Up by Simon Sheridan, which is a very thorough, entertaining and informative examination of the roots, development and decline of the British sex comedy.

As someone who grew up long after this style of film had fallen into obscurity and had only heard about the Confessions of a... series and its kind through hearsay and late night documentaries, I found it to be a very interesting examination of an era of British film-making that is sadly neglected. Maybe not because of their critical worth, but certainly in terms of their cultural and commercial impact, these films need to be given their due recognition as part of the fabric of British film history.