Monday, June 03, 2013

Shot/Reverse Shot: Episode 31 - Community Season 4 Redux

In the first of two podcasts this week, we offer up a mea culpa for saying, as part of our wrap up of Community Season Four, that it was utterly laughable and absurd to say that Dan Harmon would return to the show after being fired, something which happened mere weeks after we proclaimed it to be impossible. Clearly, we forgot that life is utterly laughable and absurd, and that anything is possible where Greendale Community College is concerned.

After a bit of self-flagellation, we get to the serious business of asking what this all means for the show; can Harmon right a badly listing ship; does this improve or worsen the show's chance of making it to its fabled sixth season and possible move; and will Chevy Chase be coming back as well? (Definitely not. Unless he totally is.)

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