Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hope Lies on Television #11 - To End, or to Finish

After a brief-ish hiatus, which was brought on partly by being too busy in real life to research the columns and partly due to a lack of strong ideas for them, I semi-triumphantly returned to Hope Lies on Television with a column about the possibility that Community might be cancelled, and how the reactions of the fans to that possibility suggest that the way in which people perceive television shows has changed over the years, to the extent that a show that people are worried that Community, a show which does not have a strong central narrative, might end before it gets to properly tell its story.

This was a fun, if difficult, column to write since I got sidetracked on a massive tangent about serialisation in television. Thankfully, I realised before the column got completely swallowed by the tangent that the subject was too big to be just an afterthought, so it'll form the basis of the next one.